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>From: Steve Black   - webworker at
>Subject:  ScanDisk and Defrag aren't working. What do I do?
>I am having a problem running maintainence on my computer.
>ScanDisk and Defrag seem to keep running over and over
>without any results. Also, my clock kicks back an hour ever
>once in a while for no apparrent reason.  Has anyone else
>ever ran into these problems?  Any suggestions?

Hello Steve,

Take heart, you are not alone... sometimes conflicts can arise
due to the programs you have installed on your computer.  I
had the exact same problem with the time displayed on my taskbar.
I was running Windows 98 and Norton AntiVirus 2000.  I
downloaded a fix and I've been cured - this was over a year
ago.  From memory, it was from the Symantec Norton AntiVirus
site (see second URL below).

There are a couple of things you can try:

Windows Clock on Taskbar and in Date/Time Tool Loses Time

System clock loses time when using Norton AntiVirus 2000
(cut & paste the link on one line)

I have also come across defrag starting over and over again in
a never-ending cycle with the message:

"Drive's contents changed; restarting..."

ScanDisk and Defrag require that the hard disk not be
accessed while they are running.  Every time the hard disk
is accessed, these programs will be restarted.  To stop the
hard disk being accessed, make sure all programs and
background processes are closed.  You can do this by
accessing the Task Manager (Ctr+Alt+Del) and selecting
each item, then clicking on End Task.   NOTE: Make sure
you let Explorer (in the Task Manager) continue running.
Also disable your screen saver and unplug USB devices.
Then, run ScanDisk and Defrag.  This is for people with
serious ScanDisk and Defrag difficulties.

For me, it was not necessary to take such drastic action.
By disabling screen saver, both processes were completed
without a hitch.

There is a good explanation on the workings of ScanDisk
and Defrag and a step-by-step guide on how to stop going
around in ever decreasing circles!  Go to:

Hope this solves your dilemma, Steve.


Bob Bilton
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