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Marek Salamaj FOX2000 at
Tue Dec 10 11:45:29 PST 2019

I am a student from Poland. I learn in Zielona Gora on Technical 
University of Zielona Gora. 
I study computing and electronics. 
My science on that university persist five years, now I am on fifth 
My education on that of university ends when I write and execute 
M.A. thesis, therefore I apply to You. 

Subject of my work is "Modelling and Synthesis safety processor 
VIPER takes its name from "Verifiable Integrated Processor for 
Enhanced Reliability" - it is the world's first microprocessor for 
safety-critical applications. 
VIPER is 32-bit microprocessor which invented at (RSRE) the UK Royal 
Signals and Radar Establishment for use in highly safety-critical 
military and civil systems. 
This processor is safety processor, which is used to steer systems, 
in which error, or mistake can't appear during work of system. These 
systems should characterize high precision of action. 
VIPER is used at nuclear plants, on board a missile, or at a 
chemical refinery, it's going to happen: a catastrophic computer- 
related disaster. 

My work, I execute in VHDL hardware description language. This 
language, I have known on studies. 
VHDL takes its name from "V - Very High Speed Integrated Circuit and 
HDL - Hardware Description Language". 

I apply to You; Do You know something about VIPER ?; perhaps Your 
friends know something about this processor. 
If You know something about VIPER, Could You make accessible me all 
materials, documentation, algorithm of programs in VHDL or another 
languages what You have. 

Thank You, I wait for answer 

Marek Salamaj 

My personal details: 
e-mail: FOX2000 at

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