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Subject: Credentialing - Identity Assurance - HSPD 12 - REAL ID - Training
Conference Call for Exhibitors/Sponsors/Industry Best Practices Speakers
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To: rah at  **Call for industry best practices
exhibitors/sponsors/speakers.  For more information call Andrea Feinberg at
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Homeland Defense Journal Training Conference (R)

Credentialing and Identity Assurance Training Conference
Best Practices and Lessons Learned in HSPD-12, FIPS-201, REAL ID, WHTI

June 21, 2007
Capital Hilton
Washington, DC

Homeland Defense Journal is presenting the Physical Infrastructure
Technologies in Homeland Security: Evaluating and Implementing Technologies
& Techniques for Sustainability and Integration, a one-day conference on
June 20, 2007, at the same location, that will place special emphasis on IT
convergence, surveillance and inspections.
.- Register for both and save $100.

The following additional training courses are also available: (For details
go to

- National Conference on Data Centers, May 9-10, 2007, Arlington, VA
- Crisis Management Plan Writing Workshop, May 30-31, 2007, Arlington, VA
- Emergency Preparedness for Government Facilities, June 4-5, 2007,
Arlington, VA
- CARVER Methodology - Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment: An
Interactive Three-Day Workshop on Conducting Facility Vulnerability
Assessments, June 12-14, 2007, Falls Church, VA
- Managing Today's Threats to Homeland Security Conference: With a Special
Focus on Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives
(CBRNE), June 27, 2007, Washington, DC
- Emergency Communication and Notification Solutions for Government and
Business Conference, June 28, 2007, Washington, DC
- Physical Security for Government Facilities, July 24-25, 2007, Memphis,
- COOP and Telework Training Conference, August 15, 2007, Arlington, VA
- Immigration and Enforcement Policies Conference, September 26, 2007,
Washington, DC 

About This Conference

Proper credentialing enables federal agencies to enhance government
efficiency, reduce identity fraud, protect personal privacy and comply with
government mandates.  The Credentialing and Identity Assurance Conference
will delve into the current political, logistical and technological
implications and issues surrounding Homeland Security Presidential
Directive 12 (HSPD-12) and the Federal Information Processing Standard 201

This conference will give federal and state employees, government
integrators and industry stakeholders insight to the interoperable and
future-proof solutions needed to ensure proper credentialing.  It will
cover compliance and interoperability issues between various components
including PKI, smartcards, middleware, card management systems and physical
access systems to minimize integration challenges.  It will highlight the
significant impact and challenges of government agencies' policies,
processes and technologies, as well as provide an overview on the status of

Attendees will learn about the latest technologies that are being utilized,
such as biometrics, and the technical specifications required integrating
these advancements into legacy, current and future credentialing systems.

Attendees will also be given an opportunity to get an overview of new
government credentialing programs such as the Western Hemisphere Traveler
Initiative (WHTI), also known as ePassports, and the REAL ID Act on
driver's license reform.  Attendees will come away from this conference
with insights into the timetables, opportunities and challenges ahead for
government issuers at both federal and state agencies, accreditation and
testing authorities, procurement programs and the industry as a whole.

This conference provides an ideal forum for attendees to share experiences
and challenges with their peers, receive an update on policy fronts, and
more importantly, learn proven methods, processes and approaches for
learning the latest on credentialing and achieving compliance.

Topics Include:

Industry trends represented in the credentialing market
Products and services available
Core security components needed for a comprehensive and compliant
identification solution
The importance for federal agencies to maximize their investments and
The impact of HSPD-12, FIPS-201, REAL ID and WHTI on the future of identity
management infrastructure and agency interoperability
Analysis of the next generation of government-wide security requirements
Implementation lessons learned and best practices
Agency compliancy updates
Policy updates
Who Should Attend

Executive level managers & administrators: network, systems,
infrastructure, and security
Executives responsible for implementing, planning or maintaining facility
access control systems, biometrics and smart cards
Managers and staff responsible for the compliance of HSPD-12/FIPS-201 mandates
Security personnel responsible for collecting and maintaining application
and identification source data
Decision makers that support HSPD-12, FIPS-201, REAL ID, WHTI resources
IT public sector systems integrators
Manufacturers of biometric technologies and scanners
Federal government technology decision-makers
Registration Charges

Industry: $495 per person
Small Business (<100 employees): $395 per person
Government: $295 per person

Registration Options

[1] Register on-line at
[2] Phone Katie Smith at (703) 807-2758
[3] E-mail Katie Smith at ksmith at
[5] Mail the Registration Form provided below to:
Homeland Defense Journal
4301 Wilson Blvd. #1003, Arlington, VA 22203

Contact Us

* For registration information, contact Katie Smith, (703) 807-2758
* For government speaking and best practices presentation opportunities,
contact Brian Lake
(703) 807-2753
* For product and solutions companies interested in sponsorship information
and related speaking opportunities, contact Andrea Feinberg, (201) 592-6477.

Location Information

The conference will be held at the Capital Hilton, 1001 16th Street, NW,
Washington, DC  20036 (202) 393-1000.  The hotel is located only a few
blocks from 3 different Metro Stations: Farragut North (Red Line), Farragut
West (Blue & Orange Lines), McPherson Square (Blue & Orange Lines). 

Please note that the Capital Hilton is holding a block of guest rooms
available at the rate of $289 +tax until May 19th. To secure a room, you
must contact the Capital Hilton at 1-800-HILTON and mention Market*Access
International to get this rate.


Credentialing and Identity Assurance Training Conference

June 21, 2007
Washington, DC

Attendee name:




City, State, and Zip Code:

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:

Attendee E-mail Address:

Training Coordinator E-mail Address:

Phone #:


Industry: $495 per person
Small Business (<100 employees): $395 per person
Government: $295 per person

Method of Payment:

Company Check (payable to Homeland Defense Journal) - Tax ID: 01-0577059
Credit Card
Government P.O. (please attach)
Type of Credit Card (check one):

____Visa____MasterCard____American Express

Card Number: ____________________________________

Exp. Date:____________________

Name Printed on Card: ___________________________________________________

Signature (required): ___________________________________________________

Please fax this form, complete with payment information, to
(703) 807-2728 or mail it with your payment to:

Homeland Defense Journal, 4301 Wilson Blvd, Suite 1003, Arlington, VA 22203

If you have questions about registration/payment, please call Katie Smith
at (703) 807-2758. Thank you


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