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Clearing	Framework
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I'm happy to announce the first public release of NeuDist

NeuDist is an Open Source Software framework for building applications
for the Neubia Distributed Clearing Platform.

This release contains early java libraries and documentation that would
primarily be of interest to developers.

Talking about documentation, it is still a bit slim and mainly oriented
towards people with experience in Java/XML development.

There are currently no sample applications, but they will be available
in the next release.

The framework currently contains the following:
- Classes for creating "Named Objects", which are authenticated using
digital signatures within a hierarchy.
- Storage framework for "Named Objects".
- Simple XML-Signature implementation (Almost certainly not yet
interoperable with other implementations)
- Simple SOAP client
- Simple Servlet API for handling SOAP requests based on "Named
- Current types of "Named Objects" include:
    NameSpace objects -- for maintaining the NameSpace Authentication
    AuthenticationTickets -- for doing web site authentication using
	digital signatures.

Next major release is scheduled to contain:
 - Core:
	hard coded root public key, for authenticating top level 	NameSpaces
 - Signing Services:
	Implementation of web based signing services
	End user hosted signing service
 - Example User Authentication Application
 - Example Payment System based on NeuDist

I will be expanding the documentation over the next few weeks. This will
cover not only more indepth technical documentation, but also higher
level documentation about the business side of things.

Read more about NeuDist or download our early version at
I would love to hear your questions and suggestions. To discuss it
further please join neudist-discuss at lists.sourceforge.net
You can join it at:

Antilles Software Ventures SA 		http://neubia.com/asv
My Web Log Live and Direct from Panama	http://talk.org
Views of an EconoFist			http://econofist.com

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