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Greetings,Pure GH-Releaser is a 100 % Natural Nutraceutical Capsule product developed in our own laboratories by our chemists and clinically tested by doctors in studies to determine a reversal in the aging process. Many physical, mental and blood chemistry tests (Like IGF-1 & HGH levels over 3 & 6 Month Periods) were performed to determine a reversal in the human aging process. Here is a link to a 30 page document outlining our product. Please Print out this information for your reference. Pure GH-Releaser does not contain Synthetic HGH, 5HTP, DHEA, L -DOPA, Estrogen, Progesterone, Melatonin, Testosterone or any other Synthetic Growth Factors.Pure GH-Releaser is not a Stimulator, Replacer, Steroid or Hormone. It is a Growth Hormone Secretagogue, with a new active Homeopathic HGH Enhancer in an easy to swallow capsule form. The body to can absorb it effectively reactivate your Dormant Pituitary Gland and give an Extra Boost of HGH into the bl!
d stream to be picked by the liver for conversion into IGF -1. Which begins to reverse your Aging Process at a much faster rate.What is it?The product is a Growth Hormone Releaser (Pure GH-Releaser). It is NOT a hormone. This revolutionary product is an all-natural compound that is taken orally to stimulate the release of your OWN growth hormone. Everyone has growth hormone stored in the pituitary gland. Pure GH-Releaser causes it to be released and used by the body on an ''as needed" basis. Following are a few of the benefits experienced fully or partially after three months on the Pure GH-Releaser program:* Increase muscle strength and size
* increase sexual potency / frequency. 
* Reduce body fat 
* increase bone density* Increase resistance to common illness 
* strengthen heart muscle* Reduce and remove wrinkles 
* control cholesterol* Increase skin thickness and texture 
* control mood swings*Grow new hair and restore color
* lower blood pressure* Increase energy levels and endurance
* quickens wound healing* Improve sleep and emotional stability.reduces cellulite* Improve memory and mental alertness 
* improved visionWe have a limited number of distributorship opportunities available. Please give Bill Roberts a call toll free at 866-787-3633 or 815-787-0840 for more information.Thank you,Susan ArbucklePureMeds, Inc.
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