Here's an interesting twist on gun control ...

Tue Dec 10 11:45:29 PST 2019

At 3:37 PM -0500 11/5/00, Peter Capelli/Raleigh/Contr/IBM wrote:
>                   Utah town requires all households to own gun
>                   November 5, 2000
>                   Web posted at: 11:22 AM EST (1622 GMT)
>                   VIRGIN, Utah (AP) -- This tiny southern Utah town
>has enacted an ordinance
>                   requiring a gun and ammunition in every home for
>residents' self-defense.
>                   Most of Virgin's 350 residents already own
>firearms, so the initiative has lots of
>                   support, Mayor Jay Lee said.
>                   Residents had expressed fear that their Second
>Amendment right to bear arms
>                   was under fire, so the town council modeled a
>similar measure passed by a
>                   Georgia city about 12 years ago.
>                   The mentally ill, convicted felons, conscientious
>objectors and people who
>                   cannot afford to own a gun are exempt.

This has been done before. A town in Georgia, one in Ohio or
Illinois, as I recall.

t is just as unconstitutional to _require_ a gun as it is to _ban_ guns.

The crap about "conscientious objector" is just that, crap. I shouldn't
have to fill out some bullshit form to say I have conscientious
objections to having a gun in my house.

Government may no more require a gun in a house than it may require a
television, or a telephone, or a toothbrush.

Yes, I know the law is pure fluff, and hence is moot, a nullity, as
they say. But the principle of _requiring_ a  gun is just as foolish
as the notion of banning guns. Frankly, those who pass such laws need
killing just as much as the tens of thousands who are banning guns
need killing.

--Tim May

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