CDR: Question re diskette data security

Jim Choate ravage at
Tue Dec 10 11:45:29 PST 2019

>For the CD I'd probably use some sort of NMR at a high scan frequency (ie
>higher resolution) and create a 3D map of the geometry of the CD (ie where
>are the edges and where are the bubbles). Then I'd import that into a
>AutoCAD and use AUTOLisp to overlay a standard template. Then the AUTOLisp
>routine could deduce what recognizable filesystems were on it. From there
>it could convert it into a dd sort of image. This would get more
>complicated for multi-layer disks.
>Note that using AUTOLisp doesn't bode well in the speed deamon department.

But probably faster than factoring a 2048-bit modulus, no?  (of course, once you 
have the contents, you still might have to do that)

Not being familiar with NMR, I wonder if it would be equally effective on 
CD-ROM, CD-R and/or CD-RW.  CD-ROM has a solid physical geometry to it, but 
recordables would be less physically definite, I'd think.  Antidote to my 
ignoragce is welcome.

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