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Zach Zach
Tue Dec 10 11:45:29 PST 2019

I am pleased to announce the availability of FSTC's "Understanding and
Countering the Phishing Threat," the summary whitepaper of findings and
recommendations of the FSTC Counter-Phishing Project. The whitepaper
contains valuable data, published here for the first time, including FSTC's
"Phishing Attack Life Cycle" and FSTC's "Taxonomy of Phishing Attacks." This
and all other project deliverables are located at

In addition to the whitepaper, the following deliverables are being made
available on the site, as follows:

TO ALL: "Results Summary: FSTC Counter-Phishing Solutions Survey": An
overview of the 60+ solutions currently offered on the marketplace, broken
down by where they map against the FSTC "Phishing Attack Life Cycle"

TO ALL: "Vocabulary of Phishing Terms": A glossary of terms used throughout
the project. The project team used these to "speak the same language" when
talking about the problem and potential solutions, whether internally, or
with vendors, or with customers

TO FSTC MEMBERS ONLY: "Results Summarized By Solution": identifies solutions
by company and product name as they map against the different phases of the
FSTC "Phishing Attack Life Cycle"

TO FSTC MEMBERS ONLY: "Directory of Survey Respondents": contact information
for each company/solution provider that responded to the survey

FOR PURCHASE: "Cost/Impact Spreadsheet Tool": a tool that provides a means
to estimate the direct and indirect costs/impacts of phishing to a financial

FSTC extends its gratitude to its member organizations for their efforts and
contributions in completing this important industry research, and to the
project's talented management team for helping our members realize their

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