[HacDC:Byzantium] USAID Tech Challenge

Urbanus Z gary.belvin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 17:36:15 PST 2013


It's been a while since I've checked back in with HacDc, and I'm impressed 
with the progress Byzantium has made. 

There's a tech challenge <http://thetechchallenge.org/#!inflow> from 
www.humanityunited.org. and USAID opening in Feburary that a few of you 
might be interested in. Here's the problem description.:

During acute crises, vulnerable populations are often *cut off from 
> critical information* and *have limited, if any, ability to communicate*inside or outside of their communities. While there are a number of 
> existing efforts aimed at *improving information flow* in these contexts, 
> many focus on the *outflow of information* from communities or rely too 
> heavily on *existing communications infrastructure* or *basic literacy*.

Which basically sounds close enough to Byzantium to be worth applying for. 
Let me know if anyone has interest. 

Some side questions for the tech folks: 
    Does Byzantium work across non WiFi IP stacks?  Would it be reasonable 
to attach it to Packet Radio over HAM radio?


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