[drone-list] Drones Beyond Drones

John Young cryptome at earthlnk.net
Sun Feb 24 04:22:42 PST 2013

Other remote invaders often cloaked in benign rationales with little
attention to collateral damage caused by technological capabilities
not yet adequately perceived much less resisted and regulated:

Google's driverless vehicle drones are likely to be used for 24x7
surveillance by governments, corporations and individuals. Taxis
to be as driverless spy tools and archivists as black-boxed rental
vehicles and household appliances and security systems now are.

And never to be overlooked, pun, are satellite drones of dozens of
governments and corporations. Along with industrial, medical and
educational devices such as manufacturing robots and pipeline pigs,
medical orifice and organ probes and veinous blood-borne tags, and
"educational-scientific" data siphons, bots, aggregators and their
algorithmic, nano-minute-stethoscopic-colonoscopic processing.

The most comprehensive drone is the Internet massively tracking,
archiving, predicting behavior and aggregating content and usage of
websites, mail lists, chats, text, SM alluringly lightly protected, not
all really, by deceptive privacy policies and negligible government
oversight to favor rapacious spying, mining and targeting. We are
all implicated in this drone of drones by believing we can
asymmetrically control our input and output despite evidence
of counter-asymmetrical exploitation of drone behavior surveillance
overriding our puny self-protection.

It might be suspected that the age-old ploy of positing a shallow
threat to conceal a greater with the superficial furor over drone
spotting of the simplest sort to divert attention from the profound
drones we eagerly favor for our own secret rapacity not only for the
most popular pasttime of online porn but for lurking, spying on and
mining data, gossip, ridicule and hacking of each other.

Panoptic policy-wonkettes, strategists, theorists, think-tankers, critics,
compilators, controllers and pilots of drone systems, might be
seen as unwitting Benthamic-piloted drones fueled and inebriated
with illusory perceptive sagacity to perform robotic dispensation
of presbyopics through media, publication, teaching, conferencing,
blogging, op-eding, din-din palaver at $1000-plate engorgements,
comforted by solid-returns on investments in drone factories of
DoD, DoJ, Wall Street, Lockheed, Northrup, Google, Apple, Intel,
ATT, NYT et al, and their obedient monocular propagandic NGOs
entertaining, prattling, pontificating about not-a-chance-in-hell

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