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> http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/083010-open-source-voip-cell-phones-at-burning-man.html

OpenBTS has been in use and under heavy development for a couple of years.
It was deployed at Occupy Wall Street by Isaac Wilder of the Free Network
Foundation (he's a good guy, we geeked out at ContactCon), it's seen a lot
of use at the past few DefCons, and we had cellular at HOPE 2012 with such
a setup.  There was also cell service at ToorCamp last summer with OpenBTS,
too.  I think 2013 will be the second or third year that Burning Man will
have GSM cell service.

It has been used to set up a P2P cellular network, but to be usable the
network in question would either have to have FCC permission, fly
sufficiently below the radar that the cell companies didn't sic the FCC on
them, operate at a low PEP, or be re-tuned to use frequencies that aren't
otherwise controlled (but then the problem becomes hacking GSM cellphones
to use those new freqs).  Modulo DefCon hijinks (subtype, wacky) they've
all had permission or low PEP to operate for extended periods, so it's as
practical as things get.

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