[tor-talk] Tor and P2P (Hidden SMS)

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) lists at infosecurity.ch
Thu Sep 27 01:54:13 PDT 2012

On 9/26/12 9:14 PM, Nathan Freitas wrote:
> I can tell you that based on prototype code I have created, SMS and
> VoIP type p2p applications between mobile devices works just fine. The
> latency is not bad, especially since the apps are coded to be
> asynchronous anyhow. Whether it takes 10 seconds or 1 minute for
> someone to respond does not bother users.
Sure, also GlobaLeaks 0.2 is designed in a way to minimize the impact on
TorHS latency and avoid "white page effect" on user's browser.

> Hidden Services as a globally anonymous NAT'd networked is an amazing
> opportunity for this type of application. We just need to solve the
> scalability problem so we do not, as Robert put it "thrash the hidden
> services directory".
Totally agree, especially it's absolutely reasonable that we will see a
growing number of Applications that include Tor as part of their code
and use Tor Hidden Services a unique way to communicate.

It would be very useful to have an official statement by Tor Project on
the current scalability / performance impact of Tor Hidden Service with
a Guideline to let Application Developer (bundling Tor, using TorHS)
avoid breaking/hurting the Tor Network.

That way the limits are clear and the way to be "Polite with the Network
considering it's current limitations" would be explicit.

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