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So, now the question is, what do we do?  The logical answer would be
to start testing them.

Whomever is good with web apps written in Ruby could set up an
instance or two of the Smallest Federated Wiki for us to test.
Porting some of the stuff from the Google Pages over to it would be a
good way to put it through its paces.  Once they're up, getting them
working over Tor would be the next logical step.

I've got a copy of Fossil installed on Windbringer to play around
with.  Installing it is pretty straightforward.  The workflow is
different from Git, though, so it takes some getting used to.  I'm
working on a cribsheet of how to do practical stuff with it
immediately (along the lines of the Git In 20 Commands page that the
Linux kernel team used to have), which I'll post to this list.  I'll
put together a Fossil repository of stuff for us to mess around with -
probably some of the ZS Google Pages.  When a few folks are working on
it, I'll throw a server on a Tor node and we can practice synching our
respective copies that way.

Litter's been fun to play with, and I'd suggest that others do as
well.  You need Python 2 installed on your machine, but that's it,
it's based entirely on the libraries that come with Python by default.
 I've forked the project on Github because I plan on doing some work
on it - it's got potential for use in Byzantium.  I still haven't
tried it over Tor; because it uses IP multicasting it might not work.
None of the research I've done shows that IP multicasting over Tor

Torchat is pretty nifty.  I've used the python version a bit and it
seems pretty stable.  I don't know why the primary maintainer is
rewriting it in Pascal but there should be binary-only downloads
available when it's ready.  That's my primary concern, that it's
written in an odd language, but that's probably my language prejudices
talking.  As the name suggests, it's married to Tor because it uses
the hidden service naming scheme to find people on the buddy list (but
they can be aliased to more understandable names).  No group chat that
I know of.

I haven't had time to mess with Tahoe-LAFS since the last Byzantium
dev sprint, so I can't really speak to it.  I had problems with it but
Haxwithaxe and Sitwon didn't.  So, that's on my hit list of things to
do in the near future.  More to come.

SocialVPN hasn't been touched since 2011, and besides that there is a
chance that XMPP server operators would start finding ways of blocking
it because it basically means that you'd be running all of your
network traffic through their server.  That's a serious bandwidth
sink, and it's not well understood how many people (or how much
traffic) would bring a server to its knees.  All things considered,
wrecking someone's XMPP server by running a parasitic VPN over it is
against a couple of the Principles, so it's out.

I haven't done anything with any of the Github-like software mentioned
earlier, so I can't speak to it.  If anyone sets up an instance or
two, your opinions would be welcome.  Maybe we need them, maybe we
won't (i.e., Fossil or something else).

I still like YaCy, and still need more disk space for it.

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