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> The important issue right this very moment, I think, is the one Niles has
> raised. How might you create a 'reboot seed' (is there a technical term for
> such things, if we were to go with a computer science analogy?) that somehow
> avoids compromising specific individuals? Perhaps not, but let's at least
> *attempt* a little creative brainstorming here...

Why not publish the design pattern that the Zero State is using for
its superstructure?

hackerspaces.org has documented numerous design patterns that a small
group can choose from if they want to bootstrap a hackerspace.  All of
them are formal descriptions of how hackerspaces did it so new ones
don't have to reinvent the wheel:

Telecomix has not only documented the quasi-design pattern of their
collective but they've run workshops at conferences to teach other
people how to do it.  Alvin Toffler would be proud.  Note that I'm not
able to reach their wiki from work right now, others might be able to:

What I'm suggesting is that we take a page from the Hakatak Records
Manifesto.  Once we've got a good working structure and set of
resources, let's document them someplace and make sure that everyone
can access them.  All it would take is a single copy of the design
pattern document/software bundle to bootstrap another Zero State
(-like group) somewhere else.  If anything does happen, the bundle can
be leaked for others to download and make use of; or some of us could
use it to re-bootstrap.

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