This Machine Kills Secrets

John Young jya at
Thu Sep 20 07:34:08 PDT 2012

Here are the book's contents, list of characters, and index:

Not a few in the book will regret talking to Greenberg and might
seek revenge using cpunks wizardry and subterfuge against
the author and Forbes. Smells of a smear by the capitalist fools.

Pretty good Wired-level read, above average on the tech, but
marred by the personal slop, authorial preening and evasion of
inconvenient truth which are now obligatory among craven
journalists running scared of their salacity-demanding fans,
censorious lawyers and immoral publishers.

While that is not news here, Greenberg managed to breach
defenses by MTMing targets induced to finger one another.

Personal stuff allegedly revealed by Greenberg's "characters"
Tim May, John Gilmore, Phil Zimmermann and Mudge, for example,
might arouse gossip-loving readers to hoot and holler. Formulaic
padding about WikiLeaks and hangers-on is rancid recycling
still being massively churned to entice rabid book sellers and
advertizers sustaining Forbe's fortune.

At 10:01 PM 9/18/2012, you wrote:
>Lotsa Cypherpunk stuff in there, apparently. Anyone talk to this guy?
>Reward with dollars (ie, buy)? Or does information in this case want to be
>free? If the former, no doubt I'll be buying in cash.

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