[tahoe-dev] San Francisco Bay Area, Recurring Weekly Physical Meetup

Josh Wilcox wilcoxjg at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 11:51:55 PDT 2012

  Hello all!

  This Thursday, 2012-09-20 at 19:00 (UTC-7) there will be a physical
meetup at the Noisebridge Hacker Space AT THE FRONT TABLE, in the Mission
District of San Francisco.


  In addition to inviting all readers of this list, I'd also like to
stimulate an agenda-setting conversation.

  My personal preference is for a setup that results in me staring at code.

  Ideally I'd know ahead of time that there're a few (or ONE!)
chunk(s)/module(s) of code that are/is going to be examined/discussed
during the meetup, so I can "study up".

  I'd like to attract new mindshare so it'd be nice if the focus were on
something that (perhaps with a short preamble) is difficult for a "typical"
(as if there were such a thing!) Noisebridger to resist.  This also means
that our meeting space, AT THE FRONT TABLE,  is a feature, not a bug.

  I'd like to pre-empt a call for realtime video, because I believe that
the physical space is likely to be difficult to control (particularly with
regard to sound) for that purpose.  I think realtime code-sharing (i.e.
where those physically present can stare at a projected web-page that
remote parties can view more "traditionally") will be feasible.

  I'll be visiting the space tomorrow (Tuesday night) to, announce this
meetup at the weekly Noisebridge political meeting, and troubleshoot the

  I'd like to have a head-count, so I can know how many chairs to
commandeer, so emails to my "wilcoxjg at gmail.com" account with subject:


  are greatly appreciated ( provided they're from an appropriate party! :)
And there's a 1-1 correlation between party and email...  and etc... ) .

 OK...  I've probably missed something, hopefully someone will remind me.

  About Last Week:

  During the inaugural (very informal) meetup last Thursday 2012-09-13, the
following topics were discussed:

  * Add Only Capabilities as an abstraction built on top of mutable files
  * Resource Allocation Accounting
  * Migration to vanilla HTTPS for inter-node communication

  I may (upon demand) publish slightly more detailed notes.
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