TOR Hidden Services

Scurvy Scott etanes.rm at
Sun Sep 16 11:42:17 PDT 2012

This seems like the appropriate list to ask on, so here goes..

I've been considering writing what I've been calling a TORdialer..
Something that would basically connect to the DB which stores the hash
files for the hidden services links and basically index the entire DB with
the intent of creating a definitive index of all hidden services points in
the TOR network. I know this probably sounds like I have  fundamental
misunderstanding of how this whole process works which is why I'm emailing
this list. I'll probably also forward this email to the TOR dev mailing

If anyone has any reason this absolutely will not work in any way, shape,
or form, I'd like to hear about it.

What I'm figuring I'd do is start TOR and attempt to connect to a bunch of
known .onion addresses, sniff that traffic and attempt to gather where/when
TOR connects to this hash db I've read about on the hidden services docs.

>From there write a script to query the DB myself and perhaps figure out how
to download the entire db, then write a script to convert all the
individual hashes into valid .onion addresses.

Again, I may have a completely naive view of how the system works, just
from reading the past two days this is my idea. Any input would be
appreciated, I gather most of you folks know far more about cryptography
and anonymity systems like TOR than I could dream of.

Fire away, tell me this won't work.


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