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A very interesting read, I feel like it is a very promising idea. I have a 
few nitpicks with the documents and some more serious intrinsic questions 
about Fluido. I feel the idea behind Prestige is sound though.

Minor points:

- I am pleased to see that it only implements positive reputation to avoid 
"karmic bankruptcy", could there be a brief explanatory note about this?

- You mention on page 30 about prestige allocation being optionally 
fractional, but apart from a throwaway comment about positive rational 
numbers being the amount for the prestige allocation allowed to a user, it 
doesn't appear until here. Could one of the examples produced use a 
fractional amount to clarify this?

- In section 4.3 (p16) the example uses a trust rating of 0.5 but the 
description of trust levels imply they should be from the naturals, was my 
reading of this wrong or is the example wrong?

- When talking about allocators in section 2.2.4 (p9) you mention that the 
creator of the group is the only one with the power to hire/fire managers 
of the group. I believe that ownership should be transferable, perhaps this 
should be rephrased as owner of the user circle, or maybe superuser? 

More substantial questions

- Is the web of trust standard to use unconnectedness except through k? How 
does this work in mature groups where there is a large amount of 
connectedness? I'm thinking more where it would be used as a local, 
restricted reputation model rather than a global one as that would imply a 
substantially different shaped network.

- Fluido seems, especially when taken as the continuous system seems like 
it would be particularly susceptable to falling into a trap of metaphorical 
thinking as a renewable energy source. What implications could this have?
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