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Michael Hrenka metahorse at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 12:34:21 PDT 2012

I just finished the updated version of the documentation of my 
reputation/money system with the updated name Quantified Prestige 
(formerly: Prestige Fluido). What's new is that there's now a Trust System 
that makes it necessary for new users to get Trust before they can get any 
Prestige (but the Trust System is actually optional, it's intended to work 
for distributed versions of the system). Also, the structure of the system 
is more modular now, as I defined the Quantified Prestige Network as core 
part of the system and the electronic currency gimmicks as external 
applications which only need few data (Trust Levels and Prestige 
Scores) from the Quantified Prestige Network. Another nice extra 
application are Prestige Polls which work like usual polls but with votes 
weighted with the Prestige Scores of the voters.

The documentation is at http://radivis.com/public/quantifiedprestige002.pdf (do 
we have a central ZS cloud storage or something like that?). It's 37 pages 
long, so only read the parts you are really interested in.

As next step I'm planning to create a quite simple/minimal implementation 
of a Quantified Prestige Network for ZS, so that we could test the system 
in action. I don't think we need a Trust System right now, because we are 
still a rather small group and it's only a test version of the system. In 
this test version you can only allocate Esteem Points to other users. With 
those Esteem Points the system can compute Prestige Scores for all users. 
Users with lots of Prestige can then feel good about themselves.

If that test is successful I would add more and more features to the 
system, depending on the demand within ZS. We could have a ZS Bitcoin Fund 
which is paid out to members with Prestige. Or we could implement a ZS 
Fluido currency together with a basic income in that currency. Prestige 
Polls are also an option.

Finally, there's still lots of work to be done to find out how to make a 
decent decentralized version of Quantified Prestige. I probably need a lot 
of help in that area: How are decentralized systems "managed"? Who has the 
authority to change the system parameters? Or is the only way to use other 
parameters using a different version of the software?

Anyway, I need feedback. If you have any idea how to do things better, 
throw a suggestion into the room or to me.

- Michael

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