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RISKS-LIST: Risks-Forum Digest  Thursday 6 September 2012  Volume 27 : Issue 02

Peter G. Neumann, moderator, chmn ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy

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Hantavirus warning e-mails and letters (Monty Solomon)
Lockheed Air-Traffic Upgrade Now on Track, FAA Chief Says (Dave Farber)
United Airlines Investigates Network Failure Delaying 580 Flights
  (Gabe Goldberg)
Hack on Saudi Aramco hit 30,000 workstations, oil firm admits (John Leyden
  via Monty Solomon)
Thousands fall victim to utility payment scam (Scott Bauer via Monty Solomon)
Can YOU crack the Gauss uber-virus encryption? (John Leyden via
  Monty Solomon)
Harvard Students in Cheating Scandal Say Collaboration Was Accepted (PGN)
"Automated DRM keeps spoiling the show, from the DNC to Mars" (Phipps-Samson
  via Gene Wirchenko)
Ustream continues to attempt explaining Hugo Awards stream blackout
  (Lauren Weinstein)
Did YouTube Really Block Michelle Obama's DNC Speech for Copyright
  Infringement? (Lauren Weinstein)
1 million iOS device IDs leaked after alleged FBI laptop hack
  (ars technica via Lauren Weinstein)
FBI Says Laptop Wasn't Hacked; never possessed Apple device ID file
  (WiReD via Lauren Weinstein)
"When virtualization becomes your worst enemy" (Gene Wirchenko)
When GPS Confuses, You May Be to Blame (Randall Stross via Matthew Kruk)
'first ever' Linux, Mac OS X-only password sniffing Trojan spotted
  (John Leyden via Monty Solomon) <monty at roscom.com>
Apple patent would disable phone based on location (NBC via Lauren Weinstein)
Smartphone apps track users even when shut down (Richard M. Smith)
Honeytrap reveals mass monitoring of downloaders (Paul Marks via
  Dewayne Hendricks)
Firefox, Opera allow crooks to hide an entire phish site in a link
  (John Leyden via Monty Solomon)
Test Mercenaries: Quality at Google, 2006-2011 (Mike Bland via jidanni)
Re: The Cadillac Your Livery Driver Has Been Dreaming Of (Joel Garry)
Re: ... civil timekeeping meeting (Steve Allen)
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