[drone-list] DHS solicitation for Wide Area Airborne Surveillance System

Gregory Foster gfoster at entersection.org
Wed Sep 5 19:13:46 PDT 2012

Federal Business Opportunities (Aug 16; updated Sep 5) - "Wide Area  
Airborne Surveillance System"

>From the Original Synopsis (Aug 16, BAA12-13.pdf) p. 5-6:
/The Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate is the Department's primary 
research and development arm.  The S&T Directorate provides federal, state 
and local officials with the technology and capabilities to protect the 
homeland.  The Directorate's mission is to protect the homeland by 
providing government officials with state-of-the-art technology and other 
resources.  The Borders and Maritime Security Division (BMD) in S&T 
supports this mission by developing and transitioning technical 
capabilities that enhance U.S. border security without impeding commerce 
and travel.  Part of this effort is to evaluate Wide Area Airborne 
Surveillance Systems (WAASS) and technologies for DHS's air operational 
components, especially DHS/Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the 
United States Coast Guard (USCG). The general goal of this effort is to 
assist CBP and USCG in fielding new sensor capabilities that will 
strengthen our ability to regularly monitor large land and maritime areas 
for small targets of interest including, typically, vehicles, people, and 

ibid., p. 8:
/This BAA primary objective of WAASS is to simultaneously collect, detect, 
and highlight select observables within a large land or maritime region.  
Such collection shall be persistent, offering long-duration surveillance 
over urban and rural areas.  The surveillance system shall have an 
electro-optical capability for daylight missions as well as an infrared 
capability for day or night operations.  The sensor shall integrate with an 
airborne platform for data gathering/dissemination, power, and other 
support functions.  The imagery data shall be displayed at a DHS operations 
center and have the capability for forensic analysis within 8-to-24 hours 
from time of collection.../

Tests are scheduled for Nogales, Arizona in FY2013.

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