Apple patent would disable phone based on location

Lauren Weinstein lauren at
Tue Sep 4 21:24:26 PDT 2012

  "Among a bevy of patents awarded to Apple this week was one that would
  enable or disable certain features of a phone depending on its
  location. It could be useful, but it also raises serious questions about
  who really owns your device."  (NBC via NNSquad)

A lot of ideas are patented but never used.  Anyway, without reading the
patent in detail, I'd note there are a variety of apps (that probably
postdate the patent application) that do this already.  One problem with any
attempt to enforce such a regime is that you need everyone to have phones
carrying the capability, and you have to be ready for the litigation
exposure if (for example) an important call or message is blocked by such a
system.  It doesn't take much imagination to think of a bunch of other
exposure examples as well.


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