Ustream continues to attempt explaining Hugo Awards stream blackout

Lauren Weinstein lauren at
Tue Sep 4 09:41:40 PDT 2012

  "This occurred because our 3rd party automated infringement system,
  Vobile, detected content in the stream that it deemed to be copyrighted.
  Vobile is a system that rights holders upload their content for review on
  many video sites around the web.  The video clips shown prior to Neil's
  speech automatically triggered the 3rd party system at the behest of the
  copyright holder." (Ustream via NNSquad)

Most of the folks commenting on their posting are not very happy.

  [In another NNS posting on this subject, Lauren Weinstein added, ``A
  similar risk exists with Google's "Hangouts On Air" via Content ID.
  Solutions are not trivial.''  PGN]

    [Lee Rudolph noted Hugo and the Rampaging Robots.  PGN]


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