[drone-list] NATO usage of drones set to expand

Gregory Foster gfoster at entersection.org
Fri May 18 17:27:52 PDT 2012

A timely piece given the lock down in Chicago to host the NATO summit,  
where discussion will cover the Alliance Ground Surveillance project's  
acquisition of five Global Hawk UAVs to perform persistent surveillance  
(via link in article).

Foreign Policy (May 18) - "Unmanned and Dangerous" by @Louise_Arbour  
<http://twitter.com/Louise_Arbour> of @CrisisGroup  

Nice one:

/But beyond being of dubious legitimacy under international law, the use  
of [drone] technologies may be counter-productive. In Pakistan, Somalia,  
and Yemen, unmanned planes are being flown by the CIA -- an organization  
that clearly lacks the military's culture and training in international  
humanitarian law.
HT @Drone_Wars_UK <http://twitter.com/Drone_Wars_UK>,

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