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danimoth danimoth at cryptolab.net
Mon May 14 10:05:46 PDT 2012

On 14/05/12 at 08:36am, Vijay K. Gurbani wrote:
> This looks like Pirate Pay is injecting multiple sybils into the
> DHT with node-IDs close to the info-hash of the file, thus making
> the sybils responsible for the file.  This assures that all queries
> are sent to the sybils, allowing the sybils to sent out false
> information to the other peers.

In 2007 Ingmar Baumgart and Sebastian Mies have released a paper
where they try to fix this (and two other) issues [1].

[1] http://doc.tm.uka.de/SKademlia_2007.pdf
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