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: Secure Your Domain - Where Is Safe to Register a Domain Name?

I realize this is just Woody and some guy pontificating late at night,
however a more thorough answer would involve the cross-section of MLATs,
Military assistance treaties, and global copyright agreements. I know
a few people who are registering their domains in countries generally
hostile to the US and EU and unlikely to sign an MLAT or any other
agreement with businesses based out of either region. 

For example, if you wanted to start a cool new file sharing site, base
it in Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Libya, Syria, Belarus, Zimbabwe, or Burma. This
of course means you ignore the human rights issues with these countries.

Otherwise you're left with .i2p, .onion, freenet, gnunet, and other
alternate root domains like .glue, .pirate, etc from opennic.

Or just register domains in many tlds with local in-country registrars
and plan for a legal battle at each step of the way.

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