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2012/5/8 Bryce Lynch <virtualadept at gmail.com>

> Botnets are already being used to mine bitcoins.

Or so they say. With mining moving from GPUs to FPGA, and ASIC mining on
the horizon, what can even a billion CPUs do?

> Blackhats are already using Bitcoins to pay for services, including
> periods of DDoS attack against arbitrary targets and selling
> weaponized exploits.  Judging from the reputation tracking on the Silk
> Road for such services, somebody's got to be getting their money's
> worth...
> We had best tread carefully.

I can't disagree any stronger. The cashless society is coming up. Listen
what RMS has to say:
But even he doesn't completely grasp the full issue. It's not only the
payment provider who has to nod to each and every one of your transactions.
You also need at least your government to agree. And that of the counter
party. In a cashless society your government has a level of power over you
that even the Kims of North Korea can only dream of having over their
subjects. If the government simply does not help you in your purchases, you
cannot buy a thing. The cashless society as dreamed up by certain companies
and governments will turn out a totalitarian nightmare that will not end.

Unless we do something. This is a number of years off. Bitcoin is our best
hope that we will never have to physically fight for our rights. So the
least what we can do at the moment is to use Bitcoin for every (legitimate)
purchase that can be done with Bitcoin.

Or start working on developing an
> disseminating a memetic counterattack.



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