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> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/59869575/92797476-FBI-Bitcoin-Report-April-2012.pdf


I find it interesting that they consider their intel regarding
donations to illicit groups using Bitcoin of low confidence, seeing as
how LulzSec practically pioneered doing so.  Sabu was so owned by the
FBI a lot of people in the whitehat court of infosec consider them a
false flag.

Botnets are already being used to mine bitcoins.  Not commonly due to
how detectible it is, but it's being done.  This hasn't caught on yet:

If the FBI consider it easier to track people converting Bitcoins into
fiat currencies (their words), the solution is simple: don't convert

Blackhats are already using Bitcoins to pay for services, including
periods of DDoS attack against arbitrary targets and selling
weaponized exploits.  Judging from the reputation tracking on the Silk
Road for such services, somebody's got to be getting their money's

We had best tread carefully.  Or start working on developing an
disseminating a memetic counterattack.

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