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Bitcoin is the client from bitcoin.org, right? Wrong! There are a number of
wallets. And the official client is more and more pushed into the role of a
reference implementation. Use it if you know what you do, otherwise, there
are better alternative.

 In fact you can (ab)-use exchanges like Intersango (https://intersango.com/)
as a wallet. But that's not a smart idea. There are plenty of wallet
implementations. There are limitations in Javascript that prevent running a
wallet only in the browser, but some offerings are getting really close:

The problem here is that they still keep enough stuff on their server so
they may take your wallet. I looked at some of the Javascript and it looked
safe, but there is no obstacle to change this tomorrow. On the plus side:
This wallet runs on everything that can run a decent browser and if you
don't put large sums into it, it should be fine.

Here is what you do if you want to store large sums and are as paranoid as
I am:

   1. Create a VM for this purpose (if you are paranoid, this is a simple
   "unzip" of a VM template)
   2. Go to https://www.bitaddress.org in the browser of the VM
   3. Disconnect your computer physically from  the network (pull the
   network plug)
   4. Generate the keys, using the "Wallet Details", using a secret key
   phase; copy the address on a memory stick
   5. Shut down the VM and delete it
   6. Turn off the computer and reconnect the plug
   7. transfer Bitcoins on the address from the memory stick.


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