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With all due respect, Patrick and others turned this thread in an off-topic 
direction. Getting back to the original topic, I would like to know if 
there is (or is not) still any interest in this group in discussing p2p 
application architecture.

Either way, I encourage all Next Net group members to discuss and to 
mention in your blogs, presentations, training, etc. the difference between 
real p2p application software (still fairly uncommon and under-developed) 
and the useful but corporate-controlled client-server applications like 
Google Docs and Google Groups. Most open source/free software also still 
uses a client-server architecture. Until end-users learn the difference 
between client-server and p2p software architecture it will be hard to pull 
the software designers and developers further in the p2p direction.

"Peer-to-peer (abbreviated to P2P) refers to a computer network in which 
each computer in the network can act as a client or server for the other 
computers in the network, allowing shared access to files and peripherals *without 
the need for a central server* [emphasis added]." (Wikipedia) 

What is less often understood is that the individual applications (such as 
email or shared document editing) must also have the p2p architecture built 
into each one. So far that is seldom the case. Somehow we must create 
greater awareness to drive greater demand for these kinds of p2p software 

BTW as far as I can tell, there is no online forum dedicated to the general 
topic of p2p application software architecture for free/open source 
software designers, developers, engineers, etc. Discussions of p2p 
architecture tend to be found mostly in the discussions of specific 
p2p networking projects like freenet and FreedomBox and they tend to apply 
to the lower-level network routing and file-sharing issues instead of 
the higher application software level for real-time, interactive 
collaboration. If anyone knows of a general p2p *application* architecture 
group or forum, please let me know.

Thanks, PR

On Wednesday, June 6, 2012 9:33:24 PM UTC-5, Poor Richard wrote:
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> Next Net group members: I've shared a Google Doc called "PeerPoint" with the group. Members have edit permission but please follow the two simple procedures mentioned at the top of the document.
> Click to open: 
>    - PeerPoint<>
> Google Docs makes it easy to create, store and share online documents, 
> spreadsheets and presentations. 
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