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Bitcoin payment for ZS membership now set up


The Zero State (ZS) network of Affiliate Organizations operates a
system of shared membership, meaning that all members of any one
organization within the network may exercise membership rights within
any other. The Affiliate Organizations (i.e. The Consensus, Praxis,
TETRAD, and Zero State Media) shouldn't be confused with the much
larger and much less formal group of Networked Organizations.

The network has three levels of membership common to all of its
affiliate organizations:

The most basic category of membership is free, but accords no voting
rights of any sort, in any of the organizations, other than ad hoc
direct-democratic working groups within ZS itself.

The second category is paid membership costs 15.00 GBP per year, and
gives full voting rights in all ZS Affiliate Organizations.

The third category (sometimes called the 'respected member') is
characterised by voluntary donations to ZS Affiliate Organizations
above and beyond membership dues, or the performance of some
exceptional service to the network, and may come with special rights
or advantages at the discretion of specific Affiliate Organizations.

If you would like to enquire about becoming an official member of the
Zero State network at any of these three levels, then please send an
email with your name to membership at zerostate.net.


We currently support two types of payment for both membership fees and
donations; Bitcoin (BTC) and PayPal.

To work out how much #15 currently costs in Bitcoins, you can find a
BTC currency calculator here:

To pay in Bitcoins, send them to the following address:


To pay via PayPal, you will need the following details:

Email: info at zerostate.net
Company name: TETRAD (ZS Affiliate Orgs)
Individual name: Amon Kalkin

IMPORTANT NOTE: However you choose to pay, it is very important that
you send a note - preferably with your payment, or via
membership at zerostate.net as a second option - to let us know your
name, email address, the amount you have paid, and what the payment is
for. When payment is confirmed, you will receive an email as

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