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On Fri, 2012-01-20 at 11:14 +0000, Alec Muffett wrote: 
> On 20 Jan 2012, at 11:00, Tei wrote:
> > Fileshares can organize thenselves in sites based on a forum software
> > that is private by default (open with registration), then share some
> > "information" file that include the url to the files hosted, and the
> > key to unencrypt these files, and some metadata. A special desktop
> > program* would load that information file, and start the http
> > download.
> At the risk of kicking over old ground, there are a bunch of privacy solutions like this; possibly the most complete attempt (in terms of attempted privacy and distribution) is Freenet:
> ...but it's slow; then there's Tahoe-LAFS - a decentralised filesystem:
> ...but it's slow; then there are connection anonymisation tools like I2P and Tor, but - wonderful as they are - they're slow.  
> Can you see a pattern developing that would be relevant to the downloader of 700Mb+ AVIs? :-)
> It would be great to speed them through wider adoption, but until then...
> 	-a

Tahoe-lafs can be fast. A grid I help out with is often capable of
600kilobyte/per/second downloads (or faster), and I personally have
several files stored on there in excess of 500mb. Close enough to your
700mb movie example. 

I use this storage as a CDN of sorts, as a friend wrote an HTTP
interface to the Tahoe-lafs grid. 

Should you wish to see it in action, the code and download links are
over here -->

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