[liberationtech] Safer submission of content to news organizations

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Tue Jan 17 10:58:16 PST 2012

O'Brien is right that no trustworthy anonymity is possible over 
a public network like the Internet due to the basic design of
the Internet to track its use. At best there are varying degrees
of trustworthiness such as Tor-like widgets, the semi-classified
milnet and intelnets, somewhat isolated nets like BlackNet and 
Darknet, partially-hidden encrypted paths, kind of cloaked
nets, ineptly-cloaked multi-level proxies and subterfuges, and
more that proffer protection but suffer in all cases from limiting
adjectives of partiality and depending upon outwitting a user
and an opponent by preening, obscuritism black magic formulas, 
algorithmic daredevilry, superlative-slathered acronymic 
technology for quasi-concealed transmission beyond belief. 

This is not to say that the legacy means of shoe leather, deep
throats, drops, brown packages, cranium crypto, homing
pigeons, "unbreakable math," were any less porous or less
subject to dreamy exaggeration, black bagging, bribes,
sex stings, vanity and stupidity.

What hope for noble journalism (not the same as cranky, 
cantakerous, paranoid, ill-paid journalists) remains, though, 
is the gullibility of sources to believe their risk is protected 
by journalistic ethics as good as those of lawyers, doctors, 
architects, bankers, officials and BFFs.

"Sources" is an asymmetrical term of artifice not to be 
believed. STFU or publish yourself or be gulled by the allure
of never-anonymous infame.

"Liberationtech," too, smells of tech sting.

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