[tahoe-dev] Tahoe-LAFS Weekly Call notes

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We had another Tahoe-LAFS Weekly Call. Here are my notes, which are
patchy and could be inaccurate. You could check this publicly editable
notepad for updates from the other attendees of the call.


In attendance: Brian, David-Sarah, Zooko

About leasedb schema and Python code:

b" Use ascii-encoded or binary blobs in the leasedb (sqlite db)?

b" Use ascii-encoded or binary strings to hold things like shareids
inside the Python interpreter?

About accounting:

Server admin should be able to see aggregate usage per account.

We have read-only admin WUIs because we don't yet have a good
technology to authorize the administrator to access a WUI without
exposing the same access to CSRF attacks. (Brian has a prototype
solution in his "toolbed" project.)

Use cases of sharing:

b" Club
b" For-profit service (e.g. Least Authority)

Individual pairwise storage relationships:

b" Social (as long as there is visibility and control, Bob doesn't need
to feel like he needs something explicit specific in exchange)
b" Money
b" Tit for Tat
b" 3-way: Bob is running a server, Alice is running a client. She is
also, separately running a server (or hiring someone else to run a
server that Bob can use). So, Bob wants to let Alice's client use his
server because he knows that she is responsible for that other server
that he can use.

Somewhere along the line there is going to be a graph of who likes
whom -- who has accepted storage obligations for whom.

Eventually Brian wants to provide tools at *least* to visualize, and
ideally to manage, this network of social relationships.

People could, perhaps configure their node to give anybody storage
space as long as that person is giving you at least X% as much storage
space (Tit for Tat).

The three messages are:

1. I will accept shares from this other person.
2. I'm willing to send shares to this other person.
3. I'm working for this other person (as a storage server).

Next week:

b" Try some alternate tech such as Google Hangouts or Skype? POTS
quality is bad enough to interfere with communication.
b" More about accounting relationship management -- present the
higher-altitude picture of the roadmap from Brian's mind.

The short-term decision that we have to make is whether to have one
key or two keys -- a separate key for the client and for the server.

After David-Sarah rang off for dinner, Zooko made the following
proposal to Brian as a "baby step". Zooko's motivation is that this
would be simple to understand (especially for non-Brian people), and
useful (e.g. to volunteergrid2 folks), and hopefully
forward-compatible with the better "invitation protocol" design that
Brian has in mind.

Baby Step Proposal:

There is a file named "clients.txt" which is edited by a human and is
treated as read-only by the Tahoe-LAFS storage server (and is ignored
entirely by Tahoe-LAFS the storage client). It is a text file with one
record per line. Each record is a complete ascii-encoded public key
followed by an optional whitespace and pet name.

If your client's public key appears in the server's "clients.txt"
file, then your storage usage gets accounted for and displayed to the
storage server owner with his petname for you. If your client's public
key does not appear in that clients.txt, then your storage usage goes
into the "open, anonymous" accounting bucket (or else maybe gets
tracked under your public key?).

Or, the storage server operator can turn on the mode where if your
client's public key does not appear in his "clients.txt" file, then it
refuses to let you store data there at all.

There is an analogous file named "servers.txt" which is read but not
written by Tahoe-LAFS storage clients and is ignored entirely by
Tahoe-LAFS storage servers. This file contains a list of public keys
and optional petnames for storage servers. In "backwards compatibility
mode", it tracks which of those servers you store how much data with.
In "strict mode", it refuses to store data with storage servers that
don't have public keys in that file.
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