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> expand the network instead of just using it as a proxy. Make everyone
> a relay (even if low-bandwidth relays are not useful, and even if
> there are theoretical issues b solve the issues instead) and have a
> hidden service address by default. Work with file sharing software
> developers to have a one-click setup of P2P sharing via Tor. Make an
> easy interface for publishing files or simple sites on user's .onion
> host.

This is where Phantom has a huge advantage over Tor... always on, native
IPv6 transport via tunnel interface. You don't have to create all sorts of
'only with Tor' hooked apps like come with I2P. All the software you use
today just works [1]. Just point OS, apache, games, azureus, etc into that
address space and you're done. And so long as you don't mind
src spoofing, extra setup, and some non-optimums here and there,
you can get that on Tor with onioncat today.

[1] You did IPv6 feature ticket your favorite IPv4 only app didn't you...

> Don't invent use cases, because users have their own (which you
> don't like and hence ignore) b facilitate network expansion which will
> actually bring in new use cases.

Torproject isn't inventing select cases, they're the only cases they
can publish.
And they do so for two reasons... 1) Attract funding 2) Attempt to stave
off legal action to shut it down... such standoff hopefully made possible
through big sticks doing the funding, and a verifiable subset of published
use cases.

There's nothing stopping anyone from forking Tor, throwing it up on
github and moving to an unfunded, unspoken development model to
do all these things.

People can even fork their own and specifically pimp it for drugs, guns,
contract killing and CP. It won't do them or Tor or either's users any
good though.
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