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On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 1:52 PM, Lodewijk andri de la porte <l at odewijk.nl> wrote:

> Seeing as how he's performed a lot and done so perfectly thus far his
> present rating is exactly accurate.

To be fair, some of the biggest and most hard hitting scams on the
Silk Road so far were perpetrated by people who spent stupid amounts
of time (well over a year) and effort (rep scores in the double, if
not triple digits) building reputations before they blew it all to
scrap with a single massive rip-off.

> In finance it is more important to have explained what someone's plan is and
> to have reason to assume one will not cheat his/her way out of that plan
> (like greater loss/discomfort, jail for example. Death is popular too, in
> some circles). These two things are quite much what pirateat40 lacks.

Assassination markets, while an interesting idea, haven't yet really
taken off.  There are a few out there but nobody seems to be taking
them seriously.

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