Comedy of Errors Led to False "Water Pump Hack" Report (RISKS-26.65)

Lauren Weinstein lauren at
Wed Nov 30 23:39:58 PST 2011

  "Even though Mimlitz's username was connected to the Russian IP address in
  the SCADA log, no one from the fusion center bothered to call him to ask
  if he had logged in to the system from Russia. Instead, the center
  released a report on Nov. 10 titled "Public Water District Cyber
  Intrusion" that connected the broken water pump to the Russian log-in five
  months earlier, inexplicably stating that the intruder from Russia had
  turned the SCADA system on and off, causing the pump to burn out.  "And at
  that point all hell broke loose," Craven said."  [Source: Kim Zetter,

"Oh Boy!  We get to announce a Foreign CYBER-ATTACK!  Maybe Terrorists
conducting a dry run on a small water system! -- That's what the "experts"
will say on TV!  Don't bother with the reality checks, that could spoil all
the fun!"


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