[serval-project-dev] We have store-and-forward SMS working on the mesh

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> See http://servalpaul.blogspot.com/2011/11/demonstrating-serval-rhizome-store-and.html
> for some details, video and cartoon to explain a little of how it
> works.  I am also working on a white paper that describes it in much
> more detail.

Could this enable phone-based anonymizing remailers having long random
latency for mixing?  How much memory is available, typically?

I know, this question belongs on the serval-project-developers mailing
list, so I'm trying to subscribe there now.

   This service uses direct mesh links if they are available by making
   use of the existing SMS capability in the Serval BatPhone software.
   However, if there is no direct link, then it uses a
   store-and-forward scheme, that asks any passing phones to copy the
   message and distribute it to other phones on the mesh, until it
   (hopefully) eventually reaches its intended destination.

Reinventing SMTP! :)

   While the delay in such a service is huge, the bandwidth is also
   great, as potentially gigabytes of data can be transferred between

These are both valuable attributes for anonymizing remailers.

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