[liberationtech] Transcript of Richard Stallman's Lecture on Oct 19

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Wed Nov 23 09:39:30 PST 2011

That is a thoughtful summary of the threats and not so good
a list of what to do about them, except, whoa now, to support 
GNU and its ilk -- damn fundraising for freedom movements 
has become obnoxious, indeed not altogether different from the
enemies' advanced persistent threats now being rolled out
as the justification for funding and recruiting the best and 
brightest cyber warrior brothers and sisters.

There is a movement these days to warn about threats without
a convincing response to them except to urge support after
a smooth spiel. Maybe that is the tits and ass display of 
threat warnings.

Tits and ass-like threats -- against the populace, against nations,
against beliefs -- have long been a means to drive the people this way
and that, such that a botoxed driver is required guide the balloon.

Stallman aptly warns of system operators -- technocrats, priests,
coders, cops, spies -- being the drivers of the mechanism whether 
free or paid. His advice to learn how to drive yourself appears 
wise except it presumes there is a machine to drive. Agnosticism 
might work also: avoid the established mechanisms. Atheism 
perhaps best: avoid mechanisms, gov, mil, com, edu, org, net,

Too late to forego the narcotizing devices and markets and webs 
and nets, which includes paper books due to the infrastructure 
needed to produce and distribute them as if liberating cellphones.

Alternatives to free and paid narcotics their drug pushers exist.

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