[serval-project-dev] New 0.07.RC1 build

Jeremy Lakeman jeremy at servalproject.org
Thu Nov 3 23:32:02 PDT 2011

There have been a couple of annoying bugs that we've found with the
last two releases that we really need to get fixes out for. Plus the
new automatic device detection support that Paul has been building has
been getting close enough to be useful. So I've been trying to tidy up
what we've got for a new release.

There's still lots of testing we need to do before we even contemplate
a release to the android market. But I've run out of blocking issues
that I'm aware of and I think these changes are ready for some wider
testing on more handsets than we have access to here.


However, there are still a couple of things we MUST change before we
build an official 0.07 release and encourage it's use for a wider
audience. Mostly to give the user more control over which experimental
support scripts to try, and make sure the process restarts after a
reboot / force close, as running a script may cause the device to
crash hard.

Some quick release notes;
- New post installation screen to display the progress of tasks we
have to do on install
- New automatic wifi chipset detection process that tries to guess how
to put you phone into adhoc mode
- Stop dna from corrupting it's data file and crashing which would
leave the phone unreachable.

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