[tor-talk] The Stop Online Piracy Act

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I just love being on slippery slopes.

2011/11/1 Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org>:
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> I haven't seen this brought up on this list yet, so I thought I would
> mention it. B Tech Dirt (among others) are reporting on yet another round
> of misguided (U.S.) legislation supposedly targeting copyright
> infringement. B Part of this legislation involves attempting to prevent DNS
> from resolving "offensive" domain names. B The part that seems like it
> potentially affect Tor (in my non-lawyer) mind is:
> "To ensure compliance with orders issued pursuant to this section, the
> Attorney General may bring an action for injunctive relief.... against any
> entity that knowingly and willfully provides or offers to provide a
> product or service designed or marketed for the circumvention or bypassing
> of measures described in paragraph (2) and taken in response to a court
> order issued pursuant to this B subsection, to enjoin such entity from
> interfering with the order B by continuing to provide or offer to provide
> such product or service."
> Jim
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