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John Sturdy jcg.sturdy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 06:43:31 PST 2011

I heard Eben's talk at FOSDEM, and it occurred to me that, in some
jurisdictions, ownership of a Freedom Box could itself be regarded as
either suspicious or even criminal. (For example, countries that
restrict cryptography, or can jail you for not disclosing keys, as is
the case in the UK.)

So it would make sense to run the software on a device that has some
other reason to justify its existence / presence; perhaps some kind of
embedded device that is always switched on.

A specific such device, that at first I thought of just because of the
irony of it, is the wireless IP CCTV camera.

On further thought, it seems this could be specifically a very
suitable kind of device for the purpose, as it has a continuous stream
of information-poor data which would be ideal for encoding things in

As an added benefit, such cameras could also form a sousveillance network.

(Quick introduction: I'm a programmer, based in the UK.  I don't think
my skillset has much overlap with what's needed for this project, but
I just wanted to drop this idea in, in case it's useful.)

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