In brig,WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning ordered to sleep without clothing

John Young jya at
Sun Mar 6 14:11:51 PST 2011

Manning's capability to taunt his jailers indicates his mental health 
is not a problem, thus undercutting accusations of deterioration 
due to, uh, torture. Standing nude, being gazed by beefy guards, 
is not all that bad. Manning has accomplished his life's wet dream, 
and for that he is to be pedestaled iconically.

There remains the always auto-mesmerzing issue of masturbation, 
according to Jean Genet the favorite prison and military and collegiate 
activity (inside and outside family colonies), and its near 
endlessly variable attraction and repulsion of the jailers, as 
watchers, as cheerleaders, as participants, as connoisseurs 
of welcomely forbidden pleasures of sadism and masochism.

That the brig is headed by a female Marine ratchets up the
auto-stimulation to Nurse Ratchet's castrating diabolism, the
Society for Cutting Up Men coming out of the bitch-hatchetry.

Soon, the society of BGLT hackers and leakers, so to speak,
will come out. Genet, and gobs of others, averred there is
nothing to compare with the military for pansexuality perversity
except the Church. Children preferred. Childlike adults delectable
substitutes. Bradass87, bare assed and loving it, you couldn't 
make this up for a Cuckoo Nest flic.

So how many of the Manning guards are female, gay, tranny -- 
pansexual hornism a given? Prepare to kill and die priapically, 
fuck mud Gyrenes!

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