The Cypherpunk Revolutionary Julian Assange

John Young jya at
Fri Mar 4 15:43:17 PST 2011

"The world's best-known 'cypherpunk' has long been on a mission 
to stop governments watching our every move. It is said to be the key 
to understanding WikiLeaks.

Although there are tens of thousands of articles on Julian Assange 
in the world's newspapers and magazines, no mainstream journalist 
so far has grasped the critical significance of the cypherpunks 
movement to Assange's intellectual development and the origin of 
WikiLeaks. ...

At the core of the cypherpunk philosophy was the belief that the 
great question of politics in the age of the internet was whether 
the state would strangle individual freedom and privacy through
its capacity for electronic surveillance or whether autonomous 
individuals would eventually undermine and even destroy the 
state through their deployment of electronic weapons newly 
at hand."

Excerpt online:

Full 19-page essay by AU politics professor Robert Manne: (6.2MB)

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