[Freedombox-discuss] Interesting talks for FreedomBox at DebConf

Stefano Maffulli stefano at maffulli.net
Thu Jul 21 16:12:00 PDT 2011

There are going to be lots of interesting occasions to learn about
FreedomBox and start hacking on the system during Debian's DebConf 2011,
starting officially on July 24th. 

We have selected a few talks related directly or indirectly to
FreedomBox from the full agenda:

      * FreedomBox Progress Report: Using Debian to Create and Preserve
        Freedom, by Bdale Garbee

      * ARM BoF:Porting, news and discussions, by Steve McIntyre

      * Delivering Multi-Platform Applications:Build on Debian, run
        anywhere, by Bdale Garbee 

      * Debian as though cryptographic authentication mattered, by
        Daniel Kahn Gillmor

      * Bootstrapable Debian: Cyclic dependencies, staged builds and
        cross-compiling, by Wookey

      * Blending Debian: Debian Pure Blends as a way to structurise the
        project, by Andreas Tille

All the talks will be streamed live and there will always be an IRC
channel live to ask questions to the speakers. Stay tuned for more
details, follow @freedomboxfndn on Identi.ca.


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