Len Sassaman Posts

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at pobox.com
Mon Jul 4 19:28:05 PDT 2011

At 04:46 PM 7/4/2011, John Young wrote:
>Len has been described as a cypherpunk in some accounts
>recently. Nothing shows up for him in the cpunks archives
>for 1992-98. Did he use a pseudonym or just not post to
>the list? How about the Cryptography list?

Len was a young guy when he showed up.  He was 31 this year, so he would 
have been 19 in 1999, which is the earliest email I still have from him 
(though my archives for the 90s are pretty incomplete.)  In addition to the 
mailing lists, he was coming to the Bay Area Cypherpunks meetings while 
those were still happening, at least at Stanford.

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