Question about (cypher)Twitter

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Fri Jan 14 18:47:43 PST 2011

OK, those remaining aged and frail cypherpunks can bash me for not being

But are there TOR or other-based services that can (kinda) anonymize (for
instance) twitter subscriptions?

Of course, there could be something fancy that 2-way anonymizes twitter
subscriptions within the TOR cloud, but I'm thinking something like that
doesn't exist. It would be challenging (and possibly unsecure) for a service
to sustainably retain the mapping between twitter subscriber and tweet feed.
(Or perhaps that isn't necessary if some subset of tweetstreams are dumped
into the cloudsomewhere and then a subscriber goes and gets the relevant ones

A cheaper version would be to hide who actively signs up for a feed in a
bigass cloud of fake subscriptions to a twitter feed. Of course, ONE of them
will be the real subscriber, but the others won't, and it may be fairly
tedious (as well as telling) for authorities within certain domains to go
through and check each subscriber.


*: Come to think of it, there are plenty of web services that log specific
tweet streams so that non-cellphone users can go get them. One could access
such a service through TOR but then the push capability of tweets and text
messages is lost, and also it may be hard to go through TOR with many
(cheaper) mobile devices.

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