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On 13/01/11 07:22, travis+ml-rbcryptography at subspacefield.org wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 01, 2010 at 02:36:49PM +0000, Rayservers wrote:
>> You mean top down... :) Which is exactly going on here:
>> http://www.global-settlement.org/
>> And when you start at the top, you have to start at the very top.
>> See Public Notice.
>> So yes, there is a locus of information, it is referenced in the signature. And
>> no, admiralty lawyers cannot help you. They don't know the law of the land.
> So, it may be a measure of naivet'e on my part but I just Sunday
> realized that apparently there's a fair number of
> anti-money-laundering laws designed to prevent anonymous financial
> transactions.  Silly me, I figured the traceability was simply so they
> could reverse certain payments from reversible systems in the case of
> theft (well, apart from Western Union and cash, which seem to have
> been grandfathered in).

Traceability has to exist because there is no money in circulation.

> So now I finally get the reference to admiralty courts and lawyers.

Seen this?:

> Ray, that's a classic and hilarious quote, going down in my digital
> memory.


> I wonder where one would begin investigating the law around this,
> without looking like a money launderer. 

Basically everywhere that your attorney would never look ;).

The GSF documents are a start. There is more in the pipeline. You need to learn
Common Law, how to do a Claim of Right, etc.

FYI, such a /Claim of Right/ is far advanced.

Lessons on Common Law: http://1215.org/ - how it works is basically how a real
Court of Record works:

At a minimum read every essay here:

At a minimum listen to this:

Then go back and read all the GSF documents and claim of right:

This for bonus points (latest developments):

Basic quiz after all that:
1. What is the difference between money and currency?
2. What is the difference between one of the People of America and a US Citizen?
3. Is the President (the current one, and, say, the last dozen) of the United
States an American?
4. What is a Court of Record?
5. What kind of court is a US Federal or State Court or UK equivalent?
6. What is on deposit at a US or UK retail bank?
7. Who /can claim/ to *represent* the people?
8. Define the territory of the United States.
9. What *is* the United States and/or the United Kingdom?
10. What is the /law of the land/ and who can claim to enforce it?

The GSF System allows for multiple, independent issuers. The idea is, to start
an economy, not a monopoly. See claim of right.


p.s. Feel free to forward a copy to anyone you *know* (do not spam), including
but not limited to: Judge Advocate General of US Navy, US Coast Guard, US
Supreme Court Justices, World Court, the President of the United States, Prime
Minister of UK, US & UK Army Provost Marshal, FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6, House of
Commons, US Congress, House of Lords, US Senate, US Fed Res, BoE, SEC, FSA,
Interpol and similar in other countries. Any such high powered recipient can
then forward his or her response to the quiz to us or one of the lists.
Responses will be published, gag orders *notwithstanding*. If you wish to write,
write to:

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