<nettime> Leaks do an end around the media mix?

John Young cryptome at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 12 12:54:47 PST 2011

Bear in mind that despite the blovia about 250,000 cables allegedly
to be released, only 2,017 have been made public, less than 1 percent.
Not in waves but in very slow drips with days when none appear despite
tongues drooling in expectation.

It remains to be seen what the full collection will reveal about the
first tiny biased batch which was apparently selected for highest dramatic 
impact and as the article states, controversy, in accord with Wikileaks'
intention, with ever greater hyperbolic bombshells since the fall of 2009.

A comprehensive grasp of the Cablegate-branded cache is yet to come,
for now only artful and dreadful extrapolation fed very carefully by WL 
and its media partners for commercial rewards -- rewards which they
admittedly relish bragging about yet continue to beg for more under
various schemes of imaginary threat and insistence on public protection
against boogeymen all too like themselves.

Due to the lack of transparency in Wikileaks and its MSM partners, all
of which claim confidentiality about their finances, sources, editorial
policy and complicity with authorities, and all of whom have refused to
provide to the public the raw, undoctored, unspun, files to which they
have full, privileged access, it is not possible to verify much of anything
that has been claimed by the Wikileaks business cartel hiding behind
public benefit cloaks -- typical of scoundrels. 

They presume to claim their trustworthiness compared to those they
allegedly oppose but do not disclose their own secrets, in effect
mirroring those they claim to challenge, in behavior, in braggardy,
in disdain for criticism, in vaunting their importance, in unceasing
appeal financial and, ye gads get in bed with the enemy, legislative 
protection to head off rather long-toothed conventional threats that 
are no different in vaporosity from opponents.

This lack of imagination by Wikileaks and cohorts could be excused
if it was seen as carnivalesque clownism. Or lower spinal stem 
advertisment. Or fey ignorant anti-intellectualism favored by bald
and shaggy maned continentals. Or Onion grade sophmoric halitosic 
humor. Or simply tawdry political cupidity. These are all successful, 
and thus highly reproducible in the abysmal standards of screedism, 
not to tar all honest journalists with this brush but very much to mastic
their editors, publishers and the investors jerking the strings of the 
craven wretches. To wit, old fart Pilger sucking Julian's pickle in The
New Statesman, aping Ellsberg's shamelessness. 

There will be those who will find gold among this dross, and to those
a salute, the venals will profit from your freely given investigation
which they will take credit for as Wikileaks has fucked Bradley
Manning and other sources kept secret nor for their safety but
for the benefit of the public fuckers.

Bear too in mind little light has been shed on secret operations of
authoritatives, Wikileaks among them, instead the informative
light has grown dimmer as the celebrity spotlights increase 
luminosity of the stars and their sucklings.

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