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Establishment of international preserve for Kilauea Volcano
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KILAUEA VOLCANO and related areas.

The active flow fields contiguous with Kilauea and Pu'u O'o volcanic
systems cover a wide area adjacent to the Hawaii Volcanos National
Park and state or local preserve areas and include small areas of
privately owned and state owned land.

UNESCO has indicated these areas as protected sites and religious and
cultural groups globally respect this area as a place of significance
and natural wonder. Thousands of individuals visit daily at a
makeshift viewing area.

- This area is frequently innundated with diverse lava flows and is
expected to continue as an active volcanic area for a long time.
- The majority of the area is a collection of state, county, and
national protected areas or state holdings which are entirely
unmanaged and most frequently under exclusion orders for prohibiting
public access and for situations related to the volcano.
- State of Hawaii DLNR (Department of Land and Natural Resources) is
also responsible for numerous fragmented sections which they would
prefer to dispose given fire and safety liability and impossibility to
- Of the remaining private property, 40% is in tax default and can be
transferred by county order and most parcels are appraised at $100 per
parcel for intended emanent domain and are vacant having not been
touched since the original lava flows.
- The National Park has trouble managing its eastern expansion as it
is active flows and out of range for rescue and safety crews and local
emergency services refuse to respond throughout the entire area.
These combined factors strongly encourage the establishment of an

Parties represented include:
Royal Gardens Community Association, Keone Ranches Estates, Kalapana
Gardens Subdivision, land owners in Kaimu, Kalapana, Kupahua, etc
representing a strong majority of land holders in this exciting but
dangerous area.


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